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Sergi Peragón



His first exhibition was in Barcelona in 1994, at the age of 21. Nowadays hundreds of art collectors of  USA, (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas,...), China (Beijing, Shangai, Hong Kong, Shijiazhuang,...) and cities like  London, Tokyo, Paris, Berlín, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, Madrid... and all around the world, has one or more artworks of Sergi. n

In 1993 he qualified in jewelry design, engraving by metals and setting of gemstones in the school official workshop of the Catalan Federation of jewelers and goldsmiths. Sergi opened his own art gallery in 2009 with his brother Pep, being Pep the curator of the gallery and his art dealer. Since severeal years you can purchase and enjoy the art of Sergi Peragón online. The author considers that internet should be a fundamental element to reach the maximum of possible people sensitive to the art, in addition to the traditional Art Galleries and Museums.

In his works seeks and obtains the transmission of awareness of the author in reference to the knowledge of the man. His characteristic style and stroke identifying their unmistakable mark. The coloration and the magic we move to his inner world full of mysterious characters, of alive objects, forms, mosaics, symbols, concepts,  of humanized animals, animalized humans, nature, but above all, his painting carry a powerful human message. Sergi with his work invites us to reflection, to communication through art. Forms that evoke passion, hope, and at the same time art balance. The painterly style of Sergi is totally unique, unclassifiable. At first glance it could be deemed his painting as a Symbolist, conceptual, expressionist, surrealist... but it is truly defined as Romantic Expressionism. However he lives art conceived it and transmits it.  

Worker indefatigable, Sergi has published seven books of poetry and has created thousands of original among paintings, drawings and art pieces to the Burin luster (on gold, silver and copper),.... its creative capacity seems inexhaustible.  

"There are artists whose creativity is surprising and sometimes unprepared spectator to catch and others, very accustomed to the art. In both cases, the phrase "out of the ordinary", flows from their minds, as they contemplate a work who knows mislead who provides, to a complex network of sensations, through a work that deepens ruthlessly within ourselves, and without the slightest pity, get visitors to react and to reflect. To Sergi Peragon can be applied you perfectly the previous description. Peragón Gallery hosts until 15 September a forceful and ruthless, powerful, exultant work…. unique. Strong stroke, decided, vehement, stabbing and electrifying. Elaborate, luminous and suggestive chromatic game combine a work of varied and imaginative, well-structured subject to compositional level."

Marta Teixidó (Art Critic)

Sergi Peragón's Art Studio

To better understand the art works and art thinkings of Sergi Peragón exist the following publications:




-"Poemario ridículo de un humano".2018

-"Los hombre solares. 4 soles.", 2015

- "Lógicamente sin sentido alguno", 2013 

- "Omitido", 1998

- " Dejar paso al espectáculo", 2002

- "Todo sobre la nada", 2004 

- "El eterno adolescente cómico parlanchín", 2008

- "Higgs y los nanopoemas", 2009

Featured exhibitions 

2017 Galeria d'art Peragón. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2016 Galeria d'art Peragón. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2015 With artworks in Elisa Contemporary Art (New York)

2015 With artworks Transition Gallery (London)

2015 With artworks in Nada art Gallery (Tokyo)

2015 Galeria d'art Peragón. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2014 Represented in the Rodriguez-Amat Foundation. Les Olives (Girona)

2014 Galeria d'art Peragón. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona) 

2013 Galeria d'art Peragón. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona) 

2012 "Fine arts Enrique Vazquez" art gallery.  Ferrol  (A Coruña).

2012 Peragón art gallery. "Tribute to Picasso". Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2011 ARTEANDO. International fair of contemporary art. Irún (Guipúzcoa - Spain)

2011 Gallery of modern art Alba. Ferrara (Italy)

2011 Peragón art gallery. “Consciència críticica”. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2011 Municipal Museum of Albacete - 'the body, the flesh and the soul'. Albacete (Spain)

2011 Art Observatory and the Santa Olaja tide mill -'Body, flesh and soul'-Arnuero (Cantabria - Spain)

2011 Exhibition Hall of the monastery of San Juan - 'the flesh body and soul'. Burgos (Spain)

2011- 2010 - 2009 Balcó de l'art art gallery. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2010 Lolet-Comas art gallery. Mataró (Barcelona)

2010- 2009 Galeria d'art Peragón. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2010 Castle of Campoo de Suso. 'The body, the flesh and the soul'. Argüeso (Cantabria - Spain)

2010 Exhibition Hall Club Nautic Port Balís. Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Barcelona)

2010 Ateneu of Cerdanyola del Vallés. Barcelona.

1999 Balcó de l'art art gallery. Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

1995 International exhibition fair of jewelry BARNAJOYA. The Fira de Barcelona exhibition space. Barcelona.

1994 First exhibition. International exhibition fair of jewelry BARNAJOYA. The Fira de Barcelona exhibition space. Barcelona.